Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here is a basic comment I made before concerning libertarianism as a political belief.

"Wow, its incredible how much people mis-understand libertarianism.

Modern political libertarianism is old fashioned "Enlightenment Liberalism" updated to take into account modern social, economic and political issues. Libertarianism is defined as "advocating freedom of action and thought." An ideology directly endorsed in America's Declaration of Independence. And while the US had many failings, slavery and limited suffrage, it was essentially the first libertarian nation.

As for today's Libertarianism (keeping in mind that the US has a "weak party system") few of the people running as Libertarians hold true on every Libertarian issue. But over all Libertarians are far more willing to give the individual the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making decisions that impact their life, as opposed to liberal nanny-staters, neo-socialists or family-values bedroom police. Unfortunately, the uneducated have a biased belief that Libertarianism will bring about some Cyberpunk Corporate Dystopia run by the wealthy or a law-less hedonistic love-fest deserving of god's wrath.

Neither of these are correct as Libertarians are not anarchists nor do they want special treatment for the corporations or the wealthy. This view also ignores the fact that like it or not governments, corporations and even churches are made up of groups of...people, and are just as capable of doing great evil as doing great good."

I hope it gives you an idea of what libertarianism is as a political ideology.

Also, John Stossel, one of the only libertarians on TV today, is moving from ABC to Fox News Business on Oct. 19, 2009.

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