Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm a gamer and a geek. So now that that confession is out of the way I will reiterate that I am also a skeptic and a libertarian. Which of course brings us to today's post.

First a big boo-hiss to Discovery Channel and sadly Mike Rowe. Mr. Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame and frequent narrator, has a new job. It's on a new show called Ghost Lab. The premise of Ghost Lab is that two "paranormal investigators" haul around a huge lab in order to investigate the presence of ghosts. Not only is this just one in the growing number of lame "paranormal investigation" shows plaguing TV it is also boring. To tell the truth I could only sit through half the show before turning on an episode of House that I had DVRed Monday night. The "investigators" begin each investigation with an well established belief that ghosts are real and all evidence they collect is made to fit their preconceived notions. There are the normal EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and random shadows and closing doors, but the closest they get to looking into logical real world explanations for these events is to ask around if anyone saw the door close and comparing one of their staffs voice to the supposed EVP. Wow! Crack work their guys. While proving the non-existance of ghosts may be impossible; this hokum is a diservice and destroys the credibility of the Discovery Channel. Maybe what is really needed is for these two "investigators" to go head to head against against Adam and Jamie, aka the Mythbusters, in a great paranormal debunk-off. Now that would be good TV!

My second rant is concerning the great American Nanny State. As we all know the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is for the kids. Millions of children die each day due to unsafe toys that either explode in clouds of deadly shrapnel or burst into a ball of super hot flames. Well, not really, but just incase there is Public Law No: 110-314. Thank goodness for the Federal Government, because American parents certainly aren't smart enough to make good purchasing decisions or worse yet keep an eye on their own children while they play by themselves. And there are never any unintended consequences when this type of over-reaching broad refomr is passed. Right? See the Illuminator for today, October 7, 2009 and enjoy...or not. All your toys and games will now get a bit more expensive while destructive, stupid or overly hungry children will still find ways to make their playthings fit into their mouths. I don't want kids to die but enough is enough. The Federal Government is not everyone's nanny.

Oh, well. Life goes on.