Thursday, July 25, 2013

So here it is, only several years late.

This blog is now dedicated to science-fiction role-playing games with much emphasis on Orbital, a game which I helped to co-write, and 2300AD.  Both of these games make use of the excellent Traveller ruleset published by Mongoose Publishing.  The core Mongoose Traveller rulebook is required to play both of these games.  That rulebook can be purchased directly from

I claim no ownership of any of the material published by Mongoose and everything here is solely of my on creation and not official material for either Traveller or 2300AD.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I now have a lot of free time in my life.  Perhaps I'll get back to this blogging stuff.  Doubtful, but perhaps.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm dedicating this blog to my late and dear friend...Frederick Q Bass.

frederick q bass: memories last a lifetime, give or take

Frederick Q Bass was born into a poor immigrant family on the cold dark night of February 29, 1973. His father was a rodeo clown while his mother excelled as a professional hypochondriac. Fred spent much of his early life escaping the hard chores of rodeo life by reading Harlequin Romance novels that he personally translated into his native tongue of Wendish. He never allowed his inability to speak or read English to prevent him from excelling in school. He once remarked to me that his proudest moment was when he graduated from college. Unfortunatly, neither of his parents could be there as his father had recently been gored, and his mother had taken ill. Despite these family tragedies he carried on and soon had a succesful career as cheif editor of Pennsylvania's popular Wendish language magazine Der Elsass-Sorbia Konnection. It was at this time that Fred made his first forays into politics. But alas tragedy struck again and he was forced to resign in order to take care of his ailing mother. His mother passed away just days after Fred's twenty-fifth birthday, but avoided burial by staging an incredible recovery. Fred was devasted, momentarily, and soon took to drinking. His friends, including myself, attempted numerous interventions, but he was never able to completely wean himself from the soothing relief of No-Doze and Sam Adams (an incidious combination he liked to call the Insomniatic Patriot). Despite the addiction and his stressful relationship with his on-again, off-again mother, Fred was able to find continued success in the magazine business. February of 2000 saw the successful launch of Celebrities and You Journal magazine. Tapping into the Oscar Buzz, Fred had found his calling. His insightful pieces delighted readers and stroked the egos of many fading stars. It was at this time that Fred and I began to grow apart. By 2002 our friendship was over and his relationship with his once again departed mother was severly strained. His tragic death, like Sharon Stone's career, went unnoticed by the press. Yet, I still remember our time together in college and at rodeos accross the country as the happiest times of my life. His mother, though, took the tragedy exceptionally badly and soon passed away. I visit her on Sunday afternoons and we reminisce about the good times we had with her wonderful son. Frederick Q Bass was and will always be my dear friend...FQB.
It's alive!!

Once again I am trying to revive my blogging. So far I have been very unsuccessful.

We shall see what becomes of this new effort. Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sad Case of Reform

So the Senate and the House have passed the "Health Care Reform" Bill. Weeee!!! Just what the nation needs another multi-billion entitlement program. Here's hoping the two bunch of idiots can't get this pork fest reconciled. There is still a very slim chance that America could dodge this very costly bullet. But sadly I doubt it. While it would be nice to have this bill die an unceremonious and permanent death, there is too much money to spread around and the Democrats have too much riding on this to give up...ever. Something will pass. But it will not be reform. It will be expensive. It will enhance government control over an already over regulated portion of America's economy, the health care industry. And regardless of what the Democrats claim, it will increase the deficit and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. And perhaps most sadly, it will be yet another step towards a single-payer socialist health care system in this nation.

If this comes to pass, taxes will increase, patient choice will end and health care innovation will suffer greatly. And if this occurs people will die. I'm not trying to be a radical alarmist but this is true. America is the global center of health care technology. The top hospitals in the world are in America and these are the great innovators. Socialized medicine will bring an end to this leadership and once again America will hand-off its leadership to nations willing to embrace market forces and trust in capitalism. Already India produces a large number of doctors and health care specialists, and ironically China, a supposedly communist nation, too will surpass America in health care technology.

If Congress and the President really cared about the state of health care in America they would ease regulations and allow the market to determine health care prices. As nearly every large government program has already aptly illustrated, the government makes for a very poor manager and never increases efficiency. Perhaps its time to once again trust in the idea of capitalism and free markets. Perhaps then we will finally have affordable health care for all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mainstream media has long fought the claim that they are biased towards the left of the political spectrum. Of course with internet and cable new sources pounding their profits down into oblivion they have to make the case that they are somehow vital to America. Surely, these bastions of impartial reporting can not be allowed to fade away and overtaken by the crass new media? Impartial you say? Guess again.

I give you a superrific piece from the esteemed magazine Newsweek. If you have ever wondered what the nation would be like if Al Gore had won in 2000 than read and enjoy, or try in vain to hold back the mouth vomit.

If Gore Had Won

Surely, if Gore would have been this great of President imagine how awesome Barak Obama is as President!! I get all hope and changey just thinking about.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I just found out that there are actually some bloggers that post every day and add pictures and do other crazy stuff. Wow! I feel so lame.

Anyway here is one of those blogs...

It's funny and the guys a libertarian skeptic. He also pops up on's comment pages a lot. So go check out his blog. It's better than mine.