Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New House...New Blog

Well I moved and, I can no longer access my old blog because I lost the password and all password emails go to my old, defunct email account. So I have created a new blog and boy am I happy.

I'm especially happy that America is now protected! Yes, the much needed and almost TOO LATE, Protect America Act of 2007 has recently been signed into law and if have relatives, friends or just a casual aquaintence overseas the Feds can tap into your conversations, no warrents needed, thank you very much. Just think of it as a party line with the NSA being that nosy neighbor that likes to get all the gossip. Only now the neighbor has the power to arrest you! Wee!!! Democracy is great especially when the opposition party that you voted for just nine months ago for the expressed reason of stopping these types of unconstitutional abuses of power turns out to be as spineless as the lapdogs that you refused to vote for.

Oh, well its only for six months and everyone knows it's to PROTECT AMERICA (says so right in the name of the law, dufus)!

Benjamin "Missing the Fouth Amendment" Lecrone